The Spa Castle in Flushing, New York

The Spa Castle in Flushing, New York
The Spa Castle in Flushing, New York

The Spa Castle in Flushing, New York

Before the grand opening of the Spa Castle, Chon took a tour of its roof deck, where he was enchanted by its mineral pools infused with rose, ginger, and lavender. The repercussions of his actions did not seem to affect him when he toured the castle. The spa has ten different types of sauna, including the Loess soil sauna and the Himalayan salt sauna.

10 saunas

The Spa Castle is the perfect place to relax after a long day in the city. The 10 saunas are divided into seven separate huts, each with their own unique themes and temperatures. Choose from the gold-covered hot room, the disco-style sauna with flashing LED lights, or the 180-degree Jade Sauna, adorned with colorful stones and emitting healing infrared rays. In addition to the saunas, the castle also has several pools to cool off.

Spa Castle is organized by floor, allowing guests to enjoy the treatment sessions that are perfect for them. There are saunas for women and men of different ages, and treatments are tailored to suit a variety of needs and preferences. The building, which covers 100,000 square feet, is a serene place where visitors can relax in comfort.

Himalayan salt room

The Himalayan Salt Room at Spa Castle provides a variety of health benefits. The salt is a natural ionizer and produces a fresh, clean environment that can ease allergies and irritability. It can also help clear the skin and lessen signs of aging.

Salt therapy is a unique way to relax. You breathe in salt that has 84 trace elements and minerals, including iodine, bromine, copper, selenium, iron, and calcium. Salt has been known to help regulate blood pressure, improve breathing, and help relieve stress.

Ice room

The Ice room at Spa Castle is one of the most popular spas in Flushing, New York. Guests can enjoy this relaxing experience for the whole family. The facility has seven saunas, each with a different theme and temperature. One sauna has a gold-covered floor, while another has flashing LED lights. Another sauna is the 180-degree Jade Sauna, which features colorful stones and emits healing infrared rays. Guests can also enjoy the pools and saunas.

The spa castle is the queen’s favorite spot for a fun day out with the whole family. The castle is a 100,000-square-foot temple of bathing and offers an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, seven coed saunas, and two food courts.

Loess soil sauna room

The Loess soil sauna is the largest in the facility, with hand-painted walls and a soothing scent. The sauna uses infrared heat to stimulate blood circulation and push wastes out of the skin and pores. The heat helps to reduce pain, clear congestion, and strengthen the immune system. It also increases oxygen flow to the brain and improves anti-oxidant properties.

The Loess soil sauna is the mothership of all saunas. It contains minerals that relieve stress, reduce signs of aging, and soothe allergies. The salt room also uses color therapy, which balances your energy. You’ll also benefit from heaters that convert infrared light into heat. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious, meditative experience, or a quick respite from the world, a visit to the Loess Soil sauna room at Spa Castle is a must-do.

Gold room

The gold room at the Spa Castle is one of eight therapeutic rooms in the 100,000 square foot spa and wellness centre. It is designed to relieve sore limbs, boost energy and reduce cholesterol. Other rooms include an Ice Land that enhances the body’s anti-oxidant properties and the Himalayan Salt Room, which contains natural antibacterial agents.

The Spa Castle has five floors and 100,000 square feet of spa activity. It combines European and Asian traditions to create a luxurious and serene retreat. The spa is designed to create a harmonious balance between physical, mental and social wellbeing. There is no cover charge for admission. Hotel guests can enjoy a discounted $25 admission to the spa, which is not included in the room rate.


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