A Review of a Top Home Warranty Company

A Review of a Top Home Warranty Company
A Review of a Top Home Warranty Company

A Review of a Top Home Warranty Company

Choice Home Warranty is one of the leading providers of home protection plans. In addition to offering comprehensive coverage in its Basic Plan, it also offers discounts and a strong online presence. Read on to learn more about this top home warranty provider. Here are some of the benefits of its policies: You can call a claims center for help with any problem, and you’ll only have to pay a nominal service call fee per claim.

Choice Home Warranty is an industry-leading home protection plan provider

Choice Home Warranty offers a variety of home protection plans to suit different needs. Customers can choose from the Basic Plan, which covers most appliances, and the Total Plan, which offers additional coverage. The Basic Plan does not cover air conditioning systems or refrigerators, but does cover most other household appliances. The Total Plan, however, includes additional coverage for your air conditioning system and refrigerator, clothes washer, and dryer, as well as a pool/spa. Customers can also add on coverage for a central vacuum system, sump pump, and septic system.

Choice Home Warranty offers nationwide coverage. However, the company does not offer coverage in Washington State or California. Customers can apply online for a free quote, and coverage begins 30 days after application. It is important to note that cancellations are subject to a 50-dollar cancellation fee. This fee covers the company’s administrative costs.

It offers comprehensive coverage in its Basic Plan

Choice Home Warranty is a great option for homeowners who are looking for comprehensive coverage for their home. The company offers two different plans: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. The Basic Plan offers a comprehensive coverage of essential household items. It also has a 15% discount off of the annual premium.

The Basic Plan covers most of the essentials of a home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and plumbing. The Total Plan extends coverage to additional systems, including air conditioning and water heaters. It also covers the electrical system of a home. Both plans are managed with the same commitment to customer service.

It offers discounts

If you’re in the market for a new home warranty, consider the Choice Home Warranty. You’ll get a discount if you use a Discount Code. Some Choice Home Warranty offers include a free first month of service. Others are limited time offers. Check with your local office for more details.

Choice Home Warranty is a good option for homeowners because it is less expensive than its competitors. In addition to the free month, the company also offers discounts for annual and monthly policies. The company offers a basic plan that starts at $510 for the year. The 13th month is also free. Moreover, the company offers a Total Plan, which covers appliances such as a fridge and washer. It also covers water heaters, sump pumps, and septic systems.

It has a thriving online presence

If you’re considering purchasing a home warranty for your property, you should understand what it includes and how it differs from homeowners insurance. A home warranty covers regular wear and tear, while homeowners insurance is designed to cover structural damage to your home. If your home experience any problems with a broken refrigerator or a water heater, you’ll need to file a claim for the repairs.

Founded in 2008, Choice Home Warranty is a service that provides a warranty for broken appliances. It works through an extensive network of independent contractors to provide top-notch customer service. Its service is available in more than 1.6 million homes in the United States.

It offers 24/7 claim support

Choice Home Warranty offers 24/7 claim support online and over the phone. Its customer service is rated highly, and they process most claims within four hours. They also boast a low service fee of $85 and have good customer satisfaction ratings. For more information, check out their website and blog. Currently, the company does not offer a mobile app.

Choice Home Warranty is a well-established company that has been around since 2008. The company has received mixed customer reviews, with 3.9 out of five stars on TrustPilot, which includes over 20,000 reviews. However, over 60% of Choice Home Warranty customers report good experiences. The company’s former CEO, Victor Hakim, made a bold move during COVID-19, promising to provide enhanced coverage and suspend some exclusions.


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